Welcome to Sylint

Hoy hoy,

Welcome to my new blog where I will provide my musings on books, software, technology and random. How’s that for a mission statement?

To introduce myself, I’m presently a master’s student studying information studies in a somewhat indescribable stream called Knowledge Management. I have a background in information studies, and have enjoyed deconstructing computers, with the potential for later re-assembly from whence time began. I’ve worked as a systems analyst / systems administrator hybrid for a number of years, before finally deciding higher education might prove beneficial.

My general interests include using computers to solve problems in both the home and the office, reading a wide variety of books (be they sci-fi, social-sci, fantasy, classic, or not), and generally learning as much as I can about topics that appeal to me.

Hopefully some of my musings will prove useful,



Author: sylint

I'm a business analyst, working in Information Management and Information Technology. Technically, I'm a librarian, though I prefer to think of myself as professionally varied.

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