Always Connected: Digsby & Multiprotocol Chat/E-mail/Social Networking

Digsby Interface
MSN messenger, Facebook Chat, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook news feeds, Linkedin, Twitter – how does one keep track of it all? You could have individual applications that you need to remember to use, or alternatively you could rely on a multi-protocol instant messaging application, such as Digsby. Digsby allows you to connect with your contacts, regardless of which messaging protocol you’re using, and even allows you to monitor social network goings on (happy day, no need to specifically log into Facebook.. stupid Farmville). It can also monitor e-mail accounts, so you don’t specifically have to login, to uncover new messages.You can even use Digsby to post to Twitter, should you feel the need.

Your login credentials are securely stored in the cloud, so once you create a Digsby login and associate your various communication accounts, you don’t really ever need to type in other instant messaging passwords again.

The only negative with this software is that the default installer has some adware/spyware bundled with it, which can be avoided, if you actually pay attention to the dialog boxes, as opposed to constantly hitting “next”. They also caused abit of an uproar in the online community a while back, enabling a “research module” without notifying users, which uses personal computer CPU cycles to drive an additional stream of revenue for the company behind the app. This is now no longer enabled by default, though it did leave a sour taste, and many users switched to the Open Source Pidgin (which is fine in its own right, and has a ton of plugins, but requires abit more configuration). The owners of Digsby issued an apology, and while this may scare off some users, I’d argue that the program is definitely still worth using.

This program is definitely a time saver, and a must have for any computer I use where I need to keep in touch with people using a wide variety of communication platforms. If you’re worried about the spyware I mentioned above, the majority can be avoided by simply using (mentioned in my previous post) to install a trimmed down version of Digsby, sans gunk.



Author: sylint

I'm a business analyst, working in Information Management and Information Technology. Technically, I'm a librarian, though I prefer to think of myself as professionally varied.

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