Music Has the Right to Children: Grooveshark


Morrissey - iPhone   Headphones So you’re sitting in the airport, browsing the net, patiently awaiting your plane, and you lack the tunes to get you through the next three hours of your wait. Grooveshark is the go to web service to get you through those painful periods where you’re cut off from the bulk of your music collection. It’s a web based service, which doesn’t specifically require an account, and allows you to access your artist of choice, totally gratis. You can sign-up for a free account, which gives you access to a desktop application, but from my point of view, the browser based player is more than fine. Unlike other services I’ve tried, it doesn’t auto-suggest other similar music, and annoyingly integrate it into your playlist, which can be distracting if you were expecting your chosen artist.

GroovesharkI used to suggest a service called Deezer, but they started placing limits on free accounts, ultimately making the service unusable for me. If you want genre based radio, Grooveshark also provides a bunch of options.

Apologies for the limited posts this week –I’ve been messing around a bit with Twitter – the instant gratification of putting up micro thoughts in 140 characters seems to have taken hold (well that and an intense Library Systems summer course, with tooons of reading). I should be back on track once I get these assignments underway.


Header image courtesy of Morrissey – iPhone + Headphones / CC BY 2.0


Author: sylint

I'm a business analyst, working in Information Management and Information Technology. Technically, I'm a librarian, though I prefer to think of myself as professionally varied.

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