Keeping Bookmarks Synced Across Browsers: Xmarks the Spot

Internet Girls With multiple computers running different operating systems, using various web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) it can become difficult to take your bookmarks with you, across environments. You end up in the situation where you may find interesting sites while browsing in Chrome, bookmark them, and then either entirely forget about them, or temporarily lose access to them when moving to Firefox on another machine. Firefox is working on making this easier with it’s “Weave Browser Sync” feature, however this limits you to using a Firefox specific solution which doesn’t help you out if you use IE or Chrome. Similarly Chrome also supports bookmark sync, saving your bookmarks to the cloud, and making them available on any machine where you have the Sync feature setup. Both these solutions are useful, but not ideal, if you switch between multiple browsers (I’m forced to use Firefox for a horribly designed WebCT internal school site – Chrome for whatever reason, doesn’t interpret the poorly coded java pop-ups properly).

In order to drag my bookmarks with me, across whichever browser I use, wherever I go, I use a set of browser extensions provided by Xmarks, allowing syncing across browsers on machines where you have their plug-in installed. They support OSX, Windows and Linux across IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari allowing me to have my bookmarks at my fingertips. Xmarks also provides a password syncing option like the previously discussed lastpass, though I’d suggest sticking with lastpass for this type of functionality, given it has far more options relating to password security (security audits of your passwords can be really useful).

If you never want to misplace a bookmark again, definitely check this out.


Header image courtesy of Yonmacklein – Internet Girls / CC BY 2.0


Author: sylint

I'm a business analyst, working in Information Management and Information Technology. Technically, I'm a librarian, though I prefer to think of myself as professionally varied.

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