Improve Website Legibility: Readability

Website design is great, hell, I spent a great deal of time moving around boxes and adding features to this very site. However, sometimes you just want to drill down to the information, without having to deal with the cruft or overhead provided by the site design itself. Readability does exactly that – it’s a bookmarklet (a small applet or utility which resides as a bookmark in your browser of choice) which takes webpages, and strips nearly everything but the content.

Readability Before


Take the example of an article I was reading over @ JKWebtalks to the right. The site design is well thought out, and not terribly cluttered, but with elements all over your screen, paying attention on the article itself can prove difficult. What readability will do, is shown in the next image below.


Readability After


Readability provides a cleaner reading experience, without the need to install any plug-in or extension to your favourite browser. Definitely browser worthy – I’ve used it on sites such as the New York Times, and couldn’t be happier with it.



Apologies on the lack of content – between school work (good old final group assignment) & returning to work (yay summer), I’ve been a bit swamped.


Header image courtesy of dave.e.head – I didn’t know she needed glasses!!!!!! / CC BY 2.0


Author: sylint

I'm a business analyst, working in Information Management and Information Technology. Technically, I'm a librarian, though I prefer to think of myself as professionally varied.

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